Hey Lex, I miss you.
...and also, here's what i wore.

Above and Below: Handmade Jacket from college, Dannijo, Fallon, and vintage Necklaces, Zara Sequin shorts, Zara Graphic TShirt, and a weird pouty game face I apparently now frequently do. I blame instagram.


different, but the same.
6 Ways to Decorate Your Neck
...using essentially the same jewels

Above: Fallon Necklace, Dannijo Vala Necklace, Nocturne Necklace, and many flea market and vintage necklaces.


get it get it?

That day I dressed like Gwen Stefani's kid..

Above: Vintage dress from 10 Ft Single, H and M trend Matador Jacket, Thrifted Nirvana Tee, Dries Van Noten Heels, Vintage Jewelry

Above: FreePeople Jeans, Hermes Belt, H and M trend jacket, Alexander Wang Tee, Fallon Necklace, Vintage Rings and Bracelet


Photo Diary: South Beach
p.s. piling jewelry on in miami in july is not advised.
..i, however, am a risk taker.

Above: A vintage tribal feather necklace I picked up at an antique shop.. aka how to stick out like a sore thumb amongst Miami-ans. Buy your own feather bib here