PhotoDiary: NYC
with all my favorite humans.
...minus Lex



DIY Transparent Satchel:
WANDERandHUNT x A Pair and A Spare 
+ some sideways bedazzle selfies

We don't normally write on our blog -we prefer visual stimulation- however this new site Wander and Hunt is definitely worthy of some words... Our favorite DIYer,  A Pair and a Spare's  Geneva Vanderzeil has created a site that has all the materials you need to make your own pieces and its super simple.

Check out this DIY Transparent Satchel, along with a ton of other DIY kits and all the tools + components you will ever need when you're feeling extra crafty.

Click here for easy steps on how the Transparent Satchel is made

How amazing is she? Happy DIYing :)

And now, some closeup (mostly sideways) selfies from the past week:

xx MEandLEX


Photodiary: Vegas + New York
p.s. our older sisters getting hitched



xx MEandLEX