bestfindever part deux: 
Sacai Skirt

I just want to preface that we have been obsessing over Christine Cenetera in her Dion Lee skirt for months.. HOW DOPE. Below image via afterDRK :

Had to tweak the Sacai Skirt a bit, but it managed to fulfill my fix:
Above image via

Above: Reconstructed Sacai Skirt pared with H&M sweater, Dannijo Necklace, Vintage Necklaces, and an Antique Metal Belt. 


Casual Friday Style Inspo:
Kate Lanphear

Above and Below images via here and metropolis vintage

 Kate, we love your vintage tee collection. But, more importantly, we love you
We being MEandLEX.

Above: LTR reconstructed Misfits tee, Vintage embellished cardi thrifted.

Above:  H&M Nirvana tee, Proenza jacket, Dannijo and Fallon necklaces 

Rock your own concert tee's via here and here

And check out this site for ways to DIY your own graphic tees.
Happy Tee Hunting 
above image via


What I Wore: 
from the waist-up

Above and Below Jewelz: Urban Outfitters Rhinestone Necklace, Various Tibetan Necklaces you can find similar here, Dannijo Vala Necklace, and a Vintage Pendant you can find similar here
                    Above: Is a hella Messy Bun, see how to create your own mess here,  Muscle T via Zara.


Outfit Inspiration: 
Pirate Hookers 

Above inspiration via 

Above and Below: Me being a Pirate in H&M pants, Thrifted tank and moto boots, Vintage Jewelry, and Parker ivory blouse cut into a cardi 

Above: close up of the Parker blouse sleeve the.pleating.is.EPIC

Above inspiration via

 Above: Vintage coin necklace,  Fallon necklace, DIY anal bead necklace, and vintage pendants, Zara tee, moto leather jacket

Above: Lex being a tipsy pirate in a cut off denim vest.

Anddd together we = Captain Jack Sparrow.


Service yo self.

Check out Self Service Magazines Tumblr, it is thebomb.com

 Images Via Self Service Tumblr.


Fur Collars: 
the solution

Hooooooly April. You don't just bring flowers these days. And although I usually do dress for one season year round- I found a way to cope with the continued hot/cold weather insanity. Enter the Fur Chollla. It's warm and blocks wind like a champion. Can be faux or forreals, whichever you prefer.

See below for ways to wear this innovative idea:
(I kid, its not innovative, but it is truly effective so I'm giving it a shout out)

Above: Pin it on to a cardigan, for a warm shawl collar shaped lapel for the breezy days.

 Above: When shit gets real (i.e. when the sky is falling and its 40 degrees), pin the fur collar closed so it's an eternity shape neck+face warmer. Note: the longer the fur hairz, the better.

Above: (Repost) And here is where to put your collar when it the skies open up.

Find fun furry ideas here.


Me and Lex
a photo diary of our sisterly love

Above and Below: My Weekend Uniform... H&M Leather Jacket, Vintage Tribal Cuffs similar finds here,  Vintage Croc skin bag similar find here

Above: Lex's weekend uni, Amacord Vintage Leather Vest, Brandy Melville Sweater, Jbrand skinny's, Superga sneaks

Coldface killin it.

Above: Vintage Tribal Cuffs. Scaring one small child at a time..Michelle Lamy-ing hardddd.

Above and Below: Lex, sporting a Dylan Lex Moto Jacket. Me, being a shameful repeat offender. 

How I torture my baby sister.. Dress her up like a Rhinestone Cowboy and laugh as I take photos. She wasn't as enthused. 

Lex sleeping with a Moto Jacket -still wearing the Rhinestone Cowboy neckparty, mind you.

 Starting the week off fancy: Lex in BCBG high waisted pants, H&M Tape Yarn Sweater, Vintage cuffs, and an H for Hooker belt.


My neck knows how to party.
A Lesson in Layering Jewelry

Nepalese Coin Necklace from a shop in Williamsburg find a similar one here
Tibetain Coin Long Necklace from 10ft Single
Vintage Pendant from a Consignment Shop find similar ones here
Vintage Tibetan Silver Necklace find a similar one here
Dannijo Vala Necklace 

Go Forth and Multiply.