Nur Khan: i hate nightlife, but i love your shit.
Photo Inspo via The Coveteur

Above: Nur Khan's John Varvatos t-shirt, with an image of Iggy Pop by photographer Mick Rock 

Go to thecoveteur.com to see more rad pics like Nur's (he is an oldie, but a goodie on there) or check out my bootleg attempt at being Jake Rosenberg below:

Above: 1. Ebay Nirvana Tee. T-shirt I bought in Hong Kong paired with DanniJo + Fallon necklaces.
2. Thrifted Kiss Tee. SkidRow T from a flea market in LA worn backwards with a Zara skirt.
3. SkidRow Tee on the flat. HK tee on a Kilim Rug I picked up at a secondhand store in OldCity PA.

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