Fur Collars: 
the solution

Hooooooly April. You don't just bring flowers these days. And although I usually do dress for one season year round- I found a way to cope with the continued hot/cold weather insanity. Enter the Fur Chollla. It's warm and blocks wind like a champion. Can be faux or forreals, whichever you prefer.

See below for ways to wear this innovative idea:
(I kid, its not innovative, but it is truly effective so I'm giving it a shout out)

Above: Pin it on to a cardigan, for a warm shawl collar shaped lapel for the breezy days.

 Above: When shit gets real (i.e. when the sky is falling and its 40 degrees), pin the fur collar closed so it's an eternity shape neck+face warmer. Note: the longer the fur hairz, the better.

Above: (Repost) And here is where to put your collar when it the skies open up.

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  1. love the cardigan in the first pic! vintage? please don't say its so i want it so bad! lol

    1. it is vintage! I am sorry to let you down!! haha but you can find ones similar on ebay, etsy, or any vintage store- its an Adolfo Cardigan :)